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Media and Entertainment

We have experience across a range of media and entertainment sectors, including film, music concerts and festivals, and television. In music, we have secured funding and produced international concert and festival events, as well as connected promoters and corporate sponsors directly with musical talent for multi-day or multi-city music events. In film and TV, we have been active producers and maintain a host of senior relationships with the major studios, prominent independent producers, distribution networks and varied financing sources. We also provide a platform to manage a client's entertainment operations. As a result, our team has the unique perspective to clearly understand the "business" from both the inside and the outside, which is perhaps the key difference between CPG and other firms.

  • Film – Production / Fund / Slate Financing / Distribution advisory and financing
  • Financing, talent acquisition and producing concerts and music festivals
  • Joint Venture and relationship development, with a focus on Pan-Asian opportunities
  • Studio facilities financing and operations
  • Television – Production, sponsorships, operations
  • Selective Prints and Advertisement (P&A) financing
  • Television production financing and operations
Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C.